When you go out of town, why not rest assured your dog is not only safe, but having fun?

Camp Creative is our Fun boarding option designed to give you peace of mind and give your dog a great experience!

  Deluxe Package Pampered Package Ultimate Package
No. of Supervised
Group Play Sessions
1 2 3
Daily Bathroom Breaks 2 2 2
Daily Price $51 $61 $71
Basic Manners
Yes Yes Yes
Option to Add on
Intensive Training
Yes Yes Yes
Camp Report Card Yes Yes Yes
Daily Pictures Online Yes Yes Yes
Dog Socialization Yes Yes Yes
People Socialization Yes Yes Yes
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Our alternative to traditional boarding options allows each dog in our care to get out for supervised play sessions with other dogs. This creates a unique atmosphere at our facilities inspiring the dogs to be more relaxed and happy than in traditional facilities.

Each dog that is with us is set up with his own (or with his fellow family members) spacious place to stay at night. At each of our facilities the dogs have multiple choices on the size of space they will be happy staying in. All of our boarding is fully indoors with Heat and Air Conditioning. Our runs also offer a unique ability to be split in half so that a dog that needs a friend can be next to and see someone they like without being in the same space together. This is great for siblings that don't always get along, and for dogs who have recently lost a companion.

One of the most important things that sets our daycare program apart from others is how we run our play groups.

Your dog will not "be out all day".

We have learned in our 15+ years of offering group play programs like this that dogs out all day not only become less tired and more energized, but they also form a pack of dogs rather than a social group (a pack is fine, until you introduce a new dog...).
We separate our play sessions throughout the day letting your dog follow his natural tendency for activity then rest and then activity then rest, etc.

We separate our playgroups not just by size and how they play, but we work to create groups that the dogs play BEST in. Matching them with dogs they both know and like as well as different dogs that play similarly.
Being able to tailor groups to individual dogs is a major benefit to doing play like we do.

Your dog's day with us will consist of feeding on your schedule (morning, evening, twice a day, etc.), an early morning bathroom break, his group play sessions throughout the day, and then a late afternoon bathroom break.

And as a side note, we like everyone to be aware that they may come home a bit thirsty, because even though they have constant access to water throughout the day, they may forget to drink since they are so busy having fun!

What to Bring

Items from home can make a boarding stay with us even more enjoyable. So take a look at the list of common items people bring:

Food: Keeping your dog on his own food can prevent any strain from an immediate dietary change. We will feed your dog based on any instructions given and can handle almost any dietary need (if you have a unique situation, please contact us to make sure it can be handled). It is helpful for us during feeding, as well as to keep things consistent for your dog, if you could pre-measure your dog's food into individual ziplock bags. Just remember that your dog will be receiving more activity than usual so it may be good to throw in a little extra. If you cannot bring your dog's food then we have a premium quality house food we feed. Also it is always good to check with your facility of choice to see what the house brand of food we feed is so that if you feed the same thing, you don't have to bring it!

Bedding: Having some type of bedding from home can always be comforting for your dog. We simply ask that any bedding you bring be machine washable and small enough to fit in our washer and dryer (just in case). However if your dog tears up or ingests bedding it may be a good idea to skip the bedding. Also, sometimes dogs like to have fun with their beds while staying with us even though they don't do it at home. So, it's always good to be aware of that fact.

Toys: Nothing is better than a toy or 2 from home! We just request you not bring human items (socks, shoes, etc) or rawhide. Both of these items can be extemely hazardous if ingested and we cannot give them to dogs staying with us (sorry, just a safety precaution).

Treats: If you would like to bring a few treats for us to give your pet during his stay, we are more than happy to. Just let us know!

Medication: We can administer almost any medication on an as needed basis. If your dog requires an injection, we are not able to accomdate that at this time.

Please note we try to limit items from home to 3. This gives us a higher likelyhood of returning them safely!

But, please be aware that we make every effort possible to return all items from home safely, but with all the activity throughout the day, sometimes that gremlin that steals socks from the dryer will sneak out and borrow something from someone.