We train dogs. We train people. Creative Dog Training is not just our name; it explains our approach to giving you the dog you have always wanted.

Our team combines decades of experience training top-tier dogs, with a passion for psychology (both dog and people), behavioral study, and the latest in media and technology.

Margaret Jones Davis, founder of Creative Dog Training, may have made the company official in 1984, but it's roots travel far deeper.

Her father, Earl Monroe Jones, Sr, DVM., gave her a lifelong introduction in the need for compassion with animals. Not only was he a life-long veterinarian who built one of the largest practices in Alabama, but he was instrumental in the authoring of the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, that was signed into law by President Lyndon B Johnson on August 24, 1966. His involvement earned him the Schweitzer Medal in 1967 for "preventing much suffering by the enforcement of the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act." more info on the Schweitzer Medal
This instilled 2 important things that forever shaped the direction of Margaret's life: always do what is best for dogs, and help pass that value on to everyone around.


How we got started

Growing up in that environment, Margaret met many dogs over the years. Most of them sweet and loving, but few of them actually listened. One day she met her first TRAINED dog. From that moment, she was hooked! There was not a dog training book she didn't read, she took local classes, and even practiced on dogs that were staying at the vet clinic!

One day, when talking to a dog owner about a behavioral problem her dog was having, Margaret realized that there was something missing in the world. Owners needed simple and practical answers to help achieve the results they wanted. And from that one moment of clarity, 3 decades and over 15,000 dogs and their owners have been helped.


Who we are today

Every day Margaret has taken steps to reach her simple goal of Helping Dogs through Educating People. Just like her father, she has passed on the tradition and values to her 2 sons, Damian and Conor, who have taken up the cause and vision as well. In 2006 we opened a new location of Creative Dog Training in Homewood, AL. Now the 2 locations serve thousands of local dogs and owners, each location seeing 100-125 dogs per day, offering simple peace of mind for the dog's owners and striving every day to make an improvement in every dog.

From that simple goal, it also became very clear to us that technology was going to be a large part of our future. It gave us an opportunity to not only help dogs locally, but also help dogs across the globe that had no access to a good dog trainer that could help them with their problems. Influenced by many great pioneers of the digital age, there is something that stirs inside us that pushes the team to create new tools and techniques for educating people.

And here we are, ready to help you.