My 10 month old female blue heeler pup, keeps growling at everyone in the house and the other dogs along with nipping at them from time to time, How can I stop this?

So My heeler pup, is pretty well behaved off and on the leash. However being on a ranch like we are, she has to deal with 3 other working dogs in the house and around the place. Along with my Dad who comes off as a gruff guy. Now the problem we hare having is her hackling up while in the house, at mom, dad and the other dogs, while growling and backing up (most the time) Other times is a blunt challenge to the other dog who is the Queen bee of the place. She also nips at them coming in and out of the house. But We don't get why she is doing the constant growling at everyone, Every time dad comes into the house or mom. Sometimes, just when dad moves from his chair or the other dog moves she gets to growling. It's making life really really hard at the moment. Critter- 8/9 year old Blue heeler, top female Bristol -7/8 year old blue heeler, female, more of a push over and a rug really. Big D - 2/3 year old heeler/boarder collie mix. Her and Big D play all the time out side, they get along fine. We haven't had any fights, But Chili has been scolded by the older dogs a time or to for being too pushy. But we have no idea how to stop the growling.

What I’ve Tried…

We have tried to leave her alone, get her comfortable, She has her own safe places in the house, we have tried punishment, Tried to refocus her...
posted on October 4, 2017

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