Conor Davis

- Technology Director -
- Master Trainer -
- Mediocre Instructor -

About Me

My life journey has been a combination of necessity and passion. Growing up in a small business and being 3rd generation in the animal business, I grew up working. When I got out of school I would immediately head to the animal clinic and help when and where I could: walking dogs, cleaning cages, holding dogs on an exam table, etc. 

From those early days of watching and helping, I have promised to do everything I can to make Margaret’s (my mom) dream of helping every dog she can a reality. That has now put me in the place of combining my education in Computer Science and real world experience, building a strong service business to make this website a reality. Since the mid-90s we have working to build a platform to educate people wherever they are, and every year we add more services to help do that. 

That journey has led me here. Every day I am working on projects that lead me in different directions searching for inspiration. Whether it’s a new lighting setup for our video production, unique Ebook layouts, or some simple ideas for coupons sparked a google image search, I spend my day looking and learning. So I wanted a place to bring it all together. And here it is! Enjoy. 

My Pets

This is a little hard for me, because I have recently lost one of my Goldens. She was the sweetest most lovable dog I have ever had, but she had a great life of 14 years. So at this point, I have one Golden. His name is Eeyore and he is 14 1/2. He is my boy, goes to work with me every day, and when we’re not at work, he’s lounging on the couch or rolling around in the grass! 

Eeyore smiling

Why I Love CDT

Wow, there are a lot of reasons here, and they range from truly getting to give back and help the community to getting to meet Brett Favre when we provided a trained dog for the Wrangler Jeans commercial. Even though I've been a part of it my whole life, it makes me proud to be a part of such a great company.